The system of thermally insulated sliding and lifting and sliding doors, is intended for creation of the largest possible glazed apertures taking into account the increased comfort.

The sliding system is perfectly combined with designs of window and door systems.

The lifting and sliding system provides production of a design of the big size with weight of one sash to 400 kg. They correspond to the 2nd class of protection against breaking that testifies to safety and reliability of a design.

Aluminum sliding systems are warm and cold. The choice depends on the purpose of this design.

General information:

  • Simplicity and ease of use;
  • burglar-proof fittings;
  • space saving when opening;
  • Panoramic view;
  • Great sound and insulation.

Ventilated hinged facades are used in construction, as well as in the reconstruction of administrative, residential, industrial and public buildings.

The system has an air gap between the insulation and the cladding, which allows free passage of air between the walls.

This system has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • energy conservation during space heating / cooling;
  • UV protection;
  • Ventilation air vent;
  • environmental safety;
  • constructive reliability;
  • modern design.

The windows of your project are your vision of the world around you. In the company “West Facade Bud Pro” you will find solutions for aluminum structures in projects of any type and any architectural style.

Here you can choose an aluminum profile for projects of any complexity.

By choosing aluminum, you get a virtually eternal material that, when combined with a powder coating, is resistant to ultraviolet rays and corrosion.

Most architects will agree that the appearance of a building primarily depends on the design and concept of the facade.

However, the facade is not limited to an aesthetic function, it must also meet important technical requirements and improve the living and working atmosphere in the building.

Requirements relate to the ability of the facade to transmit daylight, ventilation air, store energy during heating and cooling, be safe and structurally reliable.


Tempered glass structures are an indispensable element of any modern home.

It is glass products that provide a harmonious combination of classics and modernity, simplicity and sophistication.

Tempered glass is heat treated, can withstand heavy loads and bending.

Used to create: skyscrapers (vibration resistant), doors, kitchen countertops, floors, office partitions. We make glass: transparent, opaque, color, with an engraving.